Why Can’t I Get PlayStation Vue?

Why Can’t I Get PlayStation Vue?

PlayStation owners across the country are going to take off their headphone/microphone systems at 3 am and utter the same cry. Why can’t I get PlayStation Vue? The answer is wait. The service is currently available in  New York, Chicago and Philadelphia and will be available for viewing on three consoles at a time.  Sony will be offering a three tiered service starting at 49.99 or “Access” which will offer over 50 channels including some major broadcast channels like CBS and Fox along with Cable stalwarts like CNN, Fox News  a collection of niche networks. The Streaming Advisor reported last month that Sony had plans to offer a whole host of networks see here that required a Google search to identify. Networks like Centric, Chiller, Cloo. Yeah you know the ones you have been holding on to that cable package for. A $10.00 upgrade to the “Core” package or we could call it the Comcast tier will add will provide regional sports networks like Comcast Sportsnet, NBC and the Fox Sports 1 &2 (apparently Sony plays better with Comcast than Apple) The Core tier also includes guy male demo heavy channel Spike. The Core package actually looks to be the one that Sony’s customer base may be the most interested in. The Elite package group of channels can be added for a total of $69.99. It will add the Food Network, TBS and SyFy among others.  But as The Streaming Advisor reported the ESPN family is not included on any tier of service. Other features include a cloud based DVR good for 29 days of storage, an intuitive suggestions system ala Netflix, and the ability to watch programming 3 days after it airs.

This is a compelling product in some way. In others it feels like Cable with another name. But the lack of a full subscription will be freeing to customers. Will people pay those prices for a lineup that does not include the most popular network among Sony’s core audience of men between the ages of 18-34 year olds. I guess we will see.  




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