Roku Channel Reviews 3-20-2015

Roku Channel Reviews 3-20-2015

Our Roku Channel Reviews this week feature a small but plucky group of entries including the great ABC News app, New recipes to try and Ghosts. Check out the whole group and click on the picture to add them.

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ABC NewsABC News
The ABC News channel is a great addition to the Roku channel lineup. Apple TV users have been able to watch live ABC news for months but lucky for Roku users that has changed. The channel gives users lean back options, a 24-7 live feed and a group of curated clips from across the ABC News programming lineup that plays as a default when the channel launches. The channel also features an entire lineup of on demand choices including news from select local market channels.

This is a subscription based channel for all things Texas A&M. It is a one stop shop for fans, sort of a bulletin board come to life. Football is life in Texas and this channel does its best to encompass it. Want to know about incoming recruits they got it, players to watch it’s there. In order to use the Roku channel you will have to be a subscriber to its premium service. For more information concerning the TexAgs Channel check out the website.

Awake NationsAwake Nations
Awake nations is a video outreach of the Awake Nations Ministries featuring themed sections of video from the ministry. Some of the videos feature taped church services while others are video podcasts like the Prophetic Training Wbinar. There is also a 24-7 live stream option with a seemingly random program lineup not nessasarily Christian based. Sort of the non offensive public programming leaning things that you find on a community access channel.

New channel for paranormal enthusiasts. The team investigates purportedly haunted sites and shares their experiences. This stuff is just like the shows on the cable channels. The only drawback at the moment is that there is so little content on the channel. There are three categories Locked Into Darkness, Psycho Ghost Trackers and White Noise. All three have the same sort of content while Ghost trackers tends towards the intentionally grainy look for effect. But ghost fans will love this one.

Confesions of a hairstylistConfessions of a hairstylist
This is a collection of videos primarily showing women how to style their own hair through braiding. There are lots of different looks to choose from if you have enough on top to work with. This is not about how to cut your own hair or others. But if you want to make your daughter’s hair look like Elsa’s this is a good place to start. There is even a category for celeb hairstyles. Remember when the “Rachel” look was all the rage?

Handle The HeatHandle The Heat
Newest cooking channel for Roku with a heavy emphasis on bread recipes. Pizza dough, rolls etc. There are multiple categories. Our guide, Tessa shows each recipe step by step showing the ingredients, how to mix and prep them, the cooking steps and the final product. The one weakness is that viewers are told to go to a website for the directions. Not a big issue but it just requires an extra step since you will not be using a computer to watch the Roku channel. In general though this is a worthwhile cooking channel.

KelbyoneKelby One
Kelby One is a channel sponsored by the Website This channel is an incredible resource of photography tips. It has three sections of videos. Photoshop User TV, which contains 20 minute videos on using photoshop effectively, Photography Tips and Tricks featuring another set of 30 minute long videos explaining effective use of camera equipment and methods and the photography talk show, a video podcast discussion about the industry in general what’s new and cool. Photo enthusiasts have to check this one out.


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