Is Cord Cutting Cheaper than Cable?

Is Cord Cutting Cheaper than Cable?

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Now that there are a number of streaming services I am constantly running across articles that equate the price of cable with the cost of adding every single streaming service available. This of course adds up but it is completely unnecessary. See two great tools for figuring out the cost of cord cutting here. When you cut cable you don’t have to replace every single cable channel with a separate streaming pay service. The most absurd example was a writer who pointed out that the cost of PlayStation Vue and Sling TV combined would cost $70.00. But the truth is that people can choose as few or many services as they want. Unlike cable one can choose to add one service 8 services or no pay service at all. If you would like to see what the cost of various services would be check out these new helpful tools.
Great Cord Cutting Calculator Tools
Using the two links bellow you can compare the costs of cord cutting options and build your own bundles. One thing not included is the cost of a media player that can handle the services. But if you want to know the costs of many of the most well known  what is out there check out the links bellow.
The Slate Cord Cutter Tool
The Verge Cord Cutter Calculator



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