HBO Now Launches

HBO Now Launches

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Cord cutting dreams coming true

HBO Now launched this morning bringing the premium movie original series service to cable free and/or HBO free homes. The service which will start exclusively on Apple devices offers users access to current hits like Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and the popular Game Of Thrones along with an extensive library of the original series and HBO original pictures that allowed the network to endear itself into the American consciousness over time. The

Apple TV is the exclusive set-top box of HBO Now.
Apple TV is the exclusive set-top box of HBO Now.

network also offers a large selection of movies (in some cases exclusively) on demand ahead of other movie services.

Is HBO Now Worth $14.99?

It depends on the customer. If Game of Thrones is the only reason that somebody is considering the service then no. On the other hand those looking for a new selection of movies and other content may very well appreciate the service. For instance while Amazon may offer a number of older titles including hits from the past like The Sopranos, Eastbound and Down and Deadwood, it cannot provide the latest content. The service may well turn out to be popular with those who do have a paired down cable service but chose to eschew the movie tier of their digital cable plan.

How do you watch HBO Go

Apple TV Via an Apple TV App
IOS devices via a app
Laptops Via the companies website

Get a look at the HBO Now Features


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