Netflix Has Another Hit In Daredevil

Netflix Has Another Hit In Daredevil

Daredevil, the first collaboration between Netflix and Disney/Marvel is a well put together original series and if this series was any indication Netflix fans are in store  for a lot of fun and grit going forward. The writing was snappy, casting brilliant and the fight choreography spot on.

Joining the Marvel Universe and the excitement surrounding it should be a boon to Netflix which is already on top of the streaming mountain. With more series on the way and a full movie all exclusive to Netflix the streaming network is on its way to a big summer.

I binged Daredevil starting late Friday night and finished Sunday. The story was captivating and exciting. Unlike scripted shows on network television there was no cliffhanger ending at the end of the run and there was none of the lazy writing meant to extend a story over an entire season while a show waits to find out if it is going to get picked up for a season. Like House of Cards and other series on the network Netflix simply allowed the story to be told with great pacing and logical storytelling.

Out of respect to those who have not seen the show or have only begun to view it I’ll just say this. If you are a fan of what Marvel has done so far on the big and small screen check it out. Not a line is wasted in this gritty drama. The casting was so spot on that it appeared in some cases like the characters were ripped right off of the pages of the comics. The writers find a way to give back story without having to take up half of each episode doing so. Matt Murdock is a fighting machine from the start, there is no constant soul searching and the story has an ending. That’s all I’ll say.

Stream on my fiends.

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