Get Tablo Through Your ISP

Get Tablo Through Your ISP

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The Tablo Is a different take on the DVR.

Tablo, the OTA DVR is on its way to a number of customers via new marketing agreements with US based Internet providers. The program offers customers from participating ISP’s the option to add a Tablo DVR unit and the company’s service as part of their overall Internet bill. The package would allow users who are walking away from cable to continue to use a DVR for time-shifted television viewing and tap into what is a growing market for OTA DVR. The seeds of this arrangement we pollinated organically. According to Grant Hall Nuvyyo CEO (Tablo’s parent company) executives from various ISPs began reaching out to Tablo after trying the products on their own. The parties decided that offering Tablo would be a good partnership that benefitted both customers looking to cut the cable cord and Internet providers looking to add new services.
“Rising costs for bloated cable TV contracts and customer service woes are leading consumers to abandon major cable providers,” said Grant Hall, CEO at Nuvyyo. “Regional ISPs have a unique

75 percent of Tablo users access the service through a Roku.
75 percent of Tablo users access the service through a Roku.

opportunity to acquire these customers if they are able to offer an attractive blend of internet, voice and video services at a competitive price point. We believe our HDTV solution enabled by Tablo OTA DVR technology helps them achieve this.”

How Do you access Tablo
Unlike other DVR systems Tablo does not produce a set-top box with a traditional interface. Tablo instead is available through apps for Roku, which is the preferred interface of 75% of Tablo users, Fire TV and Android TV as well as web apps for connected devices and laptops. This allows users to access their programming from multiple TV’s without requiring a physical Tablo unit or antenna on each device.

How does the arrangement work?
Customers looking to use through their ISP must contract through their individual provider. Tablo handles the service end of things through its server to keep up with subscriptions and allow the

Tablo provides access to its program guide to participating customers.
Tablo provides access to its program guide to participating customers.

customer to take advantage of options such as accessing their recorded programming from outside the home. In order to get Tablo through your ISP you must contact the provider and find out if they participate.

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Check out our videos below to see the Tablo Apps for Roku and Fire TV in action

Tablo for Roku

Tablo for Fire TV


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