HBO Now available on Chromecast

HBO Now available on Chromecast

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After hearing Apple TV fans brag about their HBO Now subscriptions Chromcast fans can finally join the fun. This is a great win for the discount dongle because it means that the Chromecast beat out Roku and Fire TV for support. It will be interesting to see how much the device can cash in with its $35.00 price tag before the service is available on other devices.

Improved value

This addition for the Chromecast vastly improves the appeal of the device that has been a top seller on Amazon and at big box stores since it launched just over a year ago. The app selection has grown steadily for the Chromecast since Google released the SDK unlocking the floodgates. Here is the kicker. Without HBO Now the device was the leading selling electronic device on Amazon for months on end and the top selling streaming device before being replaced by the Fire TV Stick. Another interesting note is that the inclusion of HBO boosted Apple TV sales on Amazon tremendously from bouncing in and out of the fringes of the top 10 to number 4 in a matter of weeks. With its low price and great reputation this could make a big impact fast.


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