Snake Game For Roku Is Old School And Highly Addictive

Snake Game For Roku Is Old School And Highly Addictive

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We recently had a chance to try out a soon to be released game for Roku “Snake”. Not snakes on a plane just snake on a blank screen. The idea behind the game, which should be playable on any Roku model is so simple yet deviously complicated. The player using the standard Roku remote navigates a screen with a snake that grows bigger and bigger with every bite of food morsels, which appear randomly on the board. The object of the game is to grow as big a possible while avoiding running into oneself and ending the game. Depending on which version of the game one is playing other obstacles including a wall and other navigational puzzles will be in place to trip up even the most careful players. The game may look familiar to those who purchased cell phones before the smart phone era. My phone from Cingular featured the game as an option. It translates well to the big screen as a great time killer in a category with the best games Roku offers.



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