Could New Fire TV Offer Free Ad Supported Streaming?

Could New Fire TV Offer Free Ad Supported Streaming?

Comerical driven service could be another factor

Fire TV owners may as well make a full investment in the Amazon ecosystem.

The prevailing wisdom on Amazon’s Fire TV is that the original box has ceased production and that a new one must be on the way in short order. What though would be the game changing features of a new device if it were to be announced. What would be the applause lines.

Amazon is great at getting people to buy things from Amazon. The current Fire TV is capable of supporting shopping already. Emagine shopping for Amazon products and watching video reviews on your TV before using the one-touch buying option to have packages delivered in two days with Prime shipping.  We hoped to see the feature rolled out before Amazon Prime Day but having a new product on the shelves ahead of the Christmas buying season would be a big win for the company which has already found it difficult to stock their products at many big box retailers who caught on to Amazon’s strategy of killing from within. Walmart does not sell Amazon Fire TV’s and neither does Target. Heck Target does not even sell Amazon gift cards. With show room space shrinking the company could boost its presence on the biggest screen in the house.

Expanded gaming
Amazon signalled their interest in games with the debut of the first Fire TV. Since its debut the company has rolled out games on a regular basis and this June it announced a partnership with Gamefly to offer game streaming via their set-top boxes. Could Amazon have anything in the works with other services like Steam?

Audio Books
Amazon at its heart is a book seller and now independent publishing tool. The company has a profit sharing program that allows independent authors to produce audio books for sale through kindles. With such an investment in this sort of technology and the rising popularity of the genre, which has seen A-list hollywood talent engaging in the industry.

Free Amazon Streaming option
The streaming game is getting to be more and more about exclusives. Right now the talk focuses on exclusive distribution rights and original content. Could Amazon take it to the next level? There has been talk of an ad-supported version of the Amazon Prime Streaming service for some time now but the buzz has faded. But a free version of the Amazon Prime Streaming service would be a major draw for the product if it were exclusive to the the box. It would differentiate the device from others that currently offer the Amazon’s apps which include numerous smart TV’s and Roku. With Apple rumored to be getting into the original content market this could be a way to future proof things for Amazon.


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