How to Update G-Box Q with 1.4 Firmware Update

How to Update G-Box Q with 1.4 Firmware Update

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If you are ready to upgrade your G-Box Q to the latest firmware and are not able to use the updater worry not. Here is how you update your box.

What you will need

1. SD Card
2. Computer with an SD Card Reader
3. Internet Access

How to get the proper firmware
1. Download  Firmware file here
2. Insert an SD card into the SD card slot of your computer
3. Access the SD card and make sure it is formatted/erased
4. Go to the downloads section of your browser
5. Select the G-Box Firmware and select the option show in folder
6. Copy The Firmware
7. Access the SD Card Folder and Paste the firmware onto the formatted SD Card
8. Insert the SD card into the G-Box Q
9. Press the power button on the G-Box Q and choose Reboot Reboot Recovery (If your G-Box has no Power button remove the power cable and use the Toothpick method)

The box will automatically apply the update and reboot into the system once it has applied

Using the “Toothpick Method”

  1. Unplug the power to the box.
  2. Using a toothpick or something similar, insert it into the A/V port until you hear a slight click sound. (This is the hidden button in the A/V port and you should be able to feel the button depress; continue holding down this button).
  3. While still holding the button down in the A/V port, plug the power adapter into the box, and release the A/V button once an on screen menu appears.
  4. You should now be in recovery mode


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