Where can I Buy the New Fire TV

Where can I Buy the New Fire TV

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Fire TV owners may as well make a full investment in the Amazon ecosystem.

The Amazon Fire TV will be getting an overhaul. The company announced a the new product that has all of the popular features found on the original Fire TV including Prime Music and movie integration, voice search, Free Time and games. Boasting over 3000 streaming channels and still priced at $99.99 the new Fire TV will feature some major upgrades including 4k video playback and the way customers will interact with the device. Along with the new box the company will also sell a game centric bundle for 139.99 that includes free games a Game controller and SD card Continue to learn more.

The Amazon Fire TV will feature Alexa as an active participant in content discovery. While Amazon’s Fire TV voice search was one of a kind when it started the Roku caught up and Apple TV followed with Siri integration. The new device will feature the ability to not only call up programming but also other info like sports stats, the weather, traffic reports and so on. Amazon wants you to wake up with your Fire TV.

4K Video
4K video is not easy to find overall but Amazon is advertising some of the highlights including 4K shows and movies from Amazon Video such as Transparent, Better Call Saul, American Hustle, along with The Amazing Spiderman 2, even promoting 4k versions of Netflix offerings Narcos and Marvel’s Daredevils from Netflix.

Gaming Bundle
For those looking for more from their Fire TV experience than streaming and casual gaming the company has packaged a generous offering. For $139.99 Amazon customers can choose to purchase the device with a game bundle which includes a Controller with voice search and private listening (sound familiar) as well as a 32 GB micro SD card. At $40.00 for the bundle this is quite a deal considering that the original Amazon controller cost $40.00 on its own when the first Fire TV rolled out. You would be hard pressed to find a 32 GB SD card and game controller for sale anywhere. We discouraged buyers from purchasing the original controller in favor of using existing options but I must say this bundle offers a great value to anyone looking for a better gaming experience.

Wifi Based Remote
The remote for the new Fire TV is Wi-Fi based and not Blue Tooth based. Hopefully this will improve battery life. The new remote has triple the range of the original remote.

Private Listening
A much ballyhooed feature on the Roku 3 has been the private listening option on the remote. The is popular with those who are sharing space with others and do not want to disturb anyone. I think it would be nice with some noise cancelling headphones.

More Storage
For the first time Amazon will offer an SD card slot. The device has 8GB of internal storage, but can now support expanded storage via microSD card slot for up to 128GB. This is will be very helpful for those wanting to try out new games and load up on the 3000 apps.

More Power
The new model has 75% more processing power, a dedicated graphics engine, better Wi-Fi support, 2 GB of memory, 8 GB of storage and expandable storage of up to 128 GB. This has got to be meant for games. We should expect to see a stepped up gaming experience and selection down the line. The new Amazon Fire TV has five times the processing power of the Roku 3.

Mayday Free Live Customer Support
Amazon customer service members can now access your Fire TV screen to walk you through any confusion you might run into while using the device. All it takes is a phone call and granting the tech permission. 

Emphasis on cord cutting
On the FIre TV product page Amazon points out the devices cord cutting capabilities via apps like Sling T, NBC  News and NBA Game Time. Amazon must not be worried about upsetting the cable landscape. Is this a shot at Apple TV for not yet releasing a streaming service of it’s own?

See Amazon’s full release here



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