How to Install The Community Portal on Kodi

How to Install The Community Portal on Kodi

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What is wrong with the total installer? Nothing that can’t be fixed with a little quick editing and entering a new URL. The Total Installer, which used to be housed at the website now has a new home called noobsandnerds. At the moment users attempting to access the original site will be redirected to noobsandnerds where they will find a collorful new site that is essentially linked to a new forum, the Community thenoobsandnerds forum. Gone is the black and green dominated site that became a familiar landing spot for Kodi enthusiast looking to add an app store for Kodi or XBMC,

Why the new Address?
The owner of sold the website and its properties to a Chinese company which has moved the information to Chinese servers and rebranded it.

Is there still a Total Installer?
No. There is still a functional way to add addons but it has been rebranded as The Community Portal.

How Do You Add The Community Portal

  1. To add the Community Portal go to systems -> File Manager -> Add source and type in the URL
  2. Name the source Community Portal
  3. Back out of the file manager and select settings
  4. Scroll to Add-ons
  5. Install from zip file
  6. Select The File
  7. Select press ok/enter
  8. select and press ok
  9. Back out of settings and scroll to Programs
  10. Select Program add-ons
  11. Select Get more
  12. Select Community portal and press ok


I was a member of the Total XBMC Site Do I have to register again?
No. Your original login will allow you to access the features. Just be sure to differentiate between Your registration email and your actual user name.






  1. I am trying to install total installer but the link you have given cannot be found – it just says webpage unavailable. Can you help please? thanks

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