Roku 4 Review Video Mirroring and More

Roku 4 Review Video Mirroring and More

Video overview of Roku's latest streaming box

Roku has been popular with cord cutters for years.

We got our new Roku 4 Friday and set it up. After waiting for about 15 minutes for my bloated channel lineup to fully load on to the box we jumped into action and took it for a spin. The box performs fine though I expected it to be super snappy and found that it was not. It did not fail to perform in any way but I was a bit surprised that some menus did not load more quickly. Either way the Roku 4 looks like a great product for those looking to upgrade their streaming experience to 4k. Those without a 4k TV may be able to get by without it. We will have a full review soon. Check out the video bellow. We checked out Roku 4 Mirroring and More.



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