New Speed Test For the Kodi Community

New Speed Test For the Kodi Community

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How many times have you found that playback of certain apps in Kodi has stuttered and buffered. A common solution to repair a problem such as that is to clear the cache the system but it may be because you are not getting the internet speed that your cable provider promised. This can be frustrating and a reliable app to test it may well be hard to find. There are a few for Android but there is a new app made specifically for Kodi called Speed Test. Speed test is installable via a repository and is available to the entire kodi community.  I tested my own internet and was hardly shocked to find out that it earned a D. Unfortunately the D does not stand for “Dang Good”. The tool is fast and easy to use. If you would like to add the program to your Kodi build the repository is available bellow.

Speed Test Repo Download here


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