Add Sling TV To G-Box and Other Android Boxes

Add Sling TV To G-Box and Other Android Boxes

Unlocked Android boxes get access to Live TV app

The newest version of the Sling Television app for Android is compatible with Android Boxes. We are not talking about “Android TV” Boxes like the Nexus Player or the Nvidia Shield. We mean unlocked Android based boxes based on tablet operating systems like Rippl-TV, Jynxbox or ARNU Box. We made this discovery almost by accident while taking a look at a new tweak for Rippl-TV.

No Sideloading Needed
In the past, in order to even try and load Sling Television onto Android boxes, users had to sideload the app or download APK’s meant for other products. Now the Sling TV app is available through the Google Play Store. Just look it up and instal it natively.

Interface works correctly
We were able to bounce in an out of apps and settings as though the app were designed with these boxes in mind. In fact I did not even have to use an air mouse in order to navigate the app, though they are very helpful when it is time to sign in.

Not Locked Down To Latest Android Build
One important thing that I checked on was whether Sling TV would work on multiple boxes with multiple versions of Android. As I said earlier the first box that was tested was the Rippl-TV. This is an M8 based box with a ARM Cortex A9 Quad Core processor. It runs Android 4.4 and has a hefty GPU to boot. But would it work on older slower Android devices. That is why I took a look at the Jynxbox M6, a dual core powered mini box running Android 4.1. Low and behold it worked exactly the same. The app downloaded right from the Google Play store and launched without a problem, only a bit slower.

Will It Stick?
As you may well know there was a time when Sling Television was not available on Android boxes outside of the “Android TV” Platform family. One has to wonder if the company will change the coding somehow to block its use on other devices or whether its configuration to allow Chromecast support simple opens it up to the new ecosystem. Either way check it out if you would like to give it a try.

Sling TV Available on Android Android Boxes


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