Chromecast Partnering With Rabbit TV

Chromecast Partnering With Rabbit TV

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The Google Chromecast has been a top seller since its debut.

Now and then you see a partnership that is so perfect it should have happened from the start. In the case of Chromecast and Rabbit TV this is such a perfect match for customers that it is a crime that it took this long to get started. The Rabbit TV app which matches up with the company’s service for $10.00 per year provides users with tons of streaming options and a Channel guide to boot. It helps make up for Chromecast’s biggest weakness which is the lack of an interface and central launch place for apps. It also solves a problem for Rabbit TV which is that while it had an app, its dongle is a USB not an HDMI which prevented users from easily plugging it into a TV like the Chromecast.

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