Apps Piling Up On Apple TV

Apps Piling Up On Apple TV

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Apple TV Generation 4

If consumers judge a device based on the sheer number of Apps available the New Apple Apps are beginning to add up on Apple TV as developers are taking advantage of the opportunity to get into a new space. According to Multichannel News there are over 2, 624 apps available in the app store. The app count grows by over 400 per week. Eddie Cue believes that Apple TV will have as many as 10,000 apps available by early 2016. That app count would easily dwarf its competitors. Predictably HBO Now is the number 1  most installed app. The third generation Apple TV saw a major rise in sales when HBO’s cable free option became available and it appears the heavy promotion has carried over to the new device.

The Apple TV app store interface got a recent update to help users cycle through apps by category setting up the infrastructure to handle what would be a crushing amount of content otherwise.

Apple recently added new categories to its app store.
Apple recently added new categories to its app store.

Largest Category Games
Like Amazon’s Fire TV the largest app category for the new Apple TV is games. Apple actually breaks games into sub categories like racing or even visually appealing games. We believe that Apple could break the market open if it were to find a way to push social gaming through the TV set. With a motion sensitive controller and touch pad the system is likely equipped to handle games like Farmville without changing too much of the interface. There are as many people playing social games as there are console games but no platform has found a way to cash in on that. Could Apple be the one?


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