How Streaming Is Changing Air Travel

How Streaming Is Changing Air Travel

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Before you take your next plane trip make sure your tablet, cell phone or laptop makes it on to the airliner with you. Why? Because thanks to satellite based Wi-Fi jets are becoming Internet friendly. The trend has been accelerating for the last few years after airlines began rolling out the feature as limited pilot (pun intended) programs. My recent journey to Las Vegas with Southwest Airlines is a perfect example of how well this works out. Southwest Airlines provides Wi-Fi access in flight for an 8 dollar fee which allows travelers to access their email, facebook and other chat programs while in the air. This means you can talk with your loved ones from thousands of miles away instantly as you fly over the Great Lakes or the Rocky Mountains.

Great For Kids
Did someone say Shhhhhhh? People of a certain age remember the miracle that was the first Nintendo Gameboy. Car trips were transformed from never-ending sojourns complemented by coloring books, and word searches to journies through the mushroom kingdom and Hyrule or even whichever land Tetris takes place in “Video game Russia” via a little green and grey screen. Hey you can laugh all you want millennials. As powerful and beautiful as they are most people play puzzle games like candy crush on their fancy superphones. Now travellers have the option of full on-demand movies (for a minimal cost) Live TV, music on-demand TV shows or even e-books. With a pair of noise cancelling earbuds or even better high-end headphones you need not notice the wheezing man behind you or the whiny kid three seats over. Not that listening to music or an audio book is something unique to today but the option to access a wide variety without having to remember to pack it is.

My Experience
I am in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show and was blessed with a direct flight from Raleigh. As soon as we hit the air I registered my iPad and updated my Facebook status to let friends and family know I was up up and away. I connected with my wife (on Facebook) snapped some pictures of the city from the air for my daughter and uploaded them. Soon after I finally watched Jurassic World, which I never had to time do on land, while sipping on my complimentary beverage. After the movie I caught up with some business contacts on Skype set up a ride from the airport and finished off the flight watching Sunday Night Football on NBC. There was no buffering during the entire flight. Considering that it is hard to find a Coke for less than 5 dollars at an airport $8.00 for all of that access really feels like a bargain. When I compare that to trying to read a book or sleep which rarely works out for me I have to say that my flight was more relaxing than the entire Christmas season.

So before you pack the family for that Spring Break trip or summer vacation be sure to charge those devices, bring along headphones for the group and use them. You will be so much happier that you did this when you realize that nobody is asking you how much longer the flight will be or if they can have another drink. You will get where you are going in a much better mood and everyone will have spent time quietly enjoying something to their own tastes.

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