New 4K Roku TV Models On The Way

New 4K Roku TV Models On The Way

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Las Vegas, CES– Roku’s TV ambitions continue to grow as the company announced it will be expanding its presence as a platform to more smart TV’s. The Roku TV program partners Roku with numerous TV manufacturers to integrate Roku OS  into televisions as their main interface negating the need for a separate Roku set-top box. At the moment there are as many as 1 million Roku

Roku TV's are updated regularly.
Roku TV’s are updated regularly.

TV branded sets in homes which makes up 8% of the smart TV market in the US. Roku TV’s use the

4K Roku TV’s and International Expansion Coming
TCL, one of Roku’s first TV partners will be releasing 4K Roku TV’s this spring. Expansion into Mexico is also on the way following its recent expansion into Canada as the company looks to broaden the scope of the ecosystem.



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