College Championship Will Be Next Test For Sling TV

College Championship Will Be Next Test For Sling TV

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Sling TV, despite breaking new ground by offering a contract free TV streaming option, has had one major dark spot. There have been gaffes during heavily watched events. Most notably during the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, the premier of The Walking Dead, and the premier of Game of Thrones. A public relations spokesman told me at CES last week that the infrastructural issues had been dealt with but the proof will be in the pudding.

Sling TV Needs A Touchdown
Problems during the airing of scripted dramas are certainly problematic but service problems during high profile sports events will hurt the brand badly. Why? Because one of Sling TV’s major calling cards is that it was the first non cable service to offer ESPN. By offering ESPN as well as its full family of networks for an extra $5.00 Sling TV could be the answer to the question of how to cut the cord without missing out on big time sports. But if the College Football Championship stutters and goes blank it could be enough to make those willing to try it out willing to look at other possibilities.

What Is The Difference Between Live Sports And TV Shows
Live Sports has become the most premium television product on the market. It’s something that nobody wants to watch after the fact. While the premier of your favorite show might be appointment television your appointment may be the following evening on Hulu or HBO Now or even 3 hours after it airs via DVR. On the other hand nobody wants to say I recorded the NCAA Tournament so I can binge it next month. Sports is a shared experience that pulls together communities and fans across the country who want to be able to go to social media and say “DID YOU SEE THAT PLAY!” Myself I am pulling for Sling TV tonight. I believe that Cord cutting is a way that people can improve their lives by reclaiming part of their budget. So Sling TV, I hope you’re ready for some football.



  1. According to Twitter at 10:48 pm things are not looking good for SlingTv. Directing everyone to watch espn app because they can’t handle the demand

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