New Apple TV Update Will Add Folders and More

New Apple TV Update Will Add Folders and More

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Apple TV Generation 4

Is there anything more fun than sifting through numerous apps to find the one you want to see? Wait did you say yes? I bet you did. A new Apple TV update will soon be able to give set-top box users what they have been asking for since Roku offered more than Netflix. Folders.

Exactly how folders will work on the Apple TV will be unknown until it is officially available as a feature but according to Apple Insider the 9.2 update for TVOS will provide that option. The new operating system will also feature an option for podcasts. A staple of the original Apple TV podcasts as a standalone app or option through Apple music had been absent. This fills a major deficiency for the device for many users who grew accustomed to catching up on favorite audio and video programming via Apple Podcasts.

I’m sure you are tired of using Apple’s side to side selection tool when typing queries. The update will also allow users to integrate Bluetooth keyboards for search functions. A simple change of the interface to a grid based model would solve a number of problems.

What we wish Apple would add
A Siri that talks. Don’t you enjoy seeing how Siri reacts to your statements? having Siri only respond to voice commands via text almost seems un-Apple. This is glaring in fact in the face of the Alexa integration found on the latest Fire TV from Amazon.



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