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The Oscars will be streamed live from for only a select few. It is a select few million but still does not represent the entire US viewing audience. Much the same way that CBS aired the Grammys yet only streamed it live to CBS All Access members with participating TV station partners ABC will be streaming the Oscars via a select group of participating provider located in Chicago, Fresno, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Raleigh-Durham, and San Francisco. These stations are owned by ABC and were recently announced as partners in ABC’s new live streaming outreach. Unless we are totally misunderstanding something here it appears that there is not another live streaming general audience option as this information came from the Oscars Website here .

Those with access will be able to check out the Oscars via the Watch ABC app and Sling TV customers will also be able to pull the stream in if they have added the ABC option through Sling TV.

Hulu is a much-maligned service. I have never quite understood the animosity that some have held against the service for using commercials to subsidize the extensive programming it supports. While a lot of cord cutters heavily tout Netflix, which is great, or Amazon Instant which comes along with a number of totally unrelated perks Hulu is by far the least expensive and easiest way to access current season programming available. As far as I’m concerned Hulu is great for cord cutters.

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SMC, a program based on the Kodi media center has been released by its development team. Currently only availble to Windows users the program is meant to support the functionality found with Kodi while allowing developers and YouTube creators the freedom to demonstrate third party addons without infringing on the trademark of the XBMC foundation which the foundation has blamed for a great deal of confusion as to what kinds of addons the community supports and which ones it does not. See how to install the video bellow.SMC For Windows is a free program.

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SMC Download Link For Windows
SMC, an independently developed fork of Kodi is now available for download. At this time it is only available for Windows users and does not have URL method of installation.

To Set it up on a windows computer simply Click the link and let the wizard do its work.

Link to Download SMC



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All PBS viewers will be able to access family programming digitally

RALEIGH, NC – PBS, which has long been ahead of the curve in streaming directly to consumers will be releasing a multiplatform 24-hour streaming channel and OTA channel featuring children’s programming later this year. The network which has long been a destination place for family friendly programming such as Sesame Street, Sid The Science Kid and other educational shows will be offering the new service through its website, mobile apps and via streaming set-top boxes. PBS has long had a PBS Kids app and website that allowed families to access kids programming on-demand but the new feed will provide a full lean back experience in the same way a normal live TV channel does. This means parents won’t have to swoop in to start another show for their kids every time a segment ends.

Not a new concept
Despite some of the reporting on this development, the idea of a 24-hour kids network via PBS is not a new idea. PBS stations across the country have offered PBS Kids as a 24-7 network for years. Unfortunately access to programming has not been uniform as it has been based on the capabilities of each individual organization. The difference now is that the new linear streaming service and the channel will be available to everyone.

Who this will impact
The new service will have a large positive impact on families that have cut cable, yet live too far away from antennas to pick up a consistent signal for over the air broadcasts. Unlike digital broadcast signals, which can be spotty depending on distance to transmitters, geography and weather a stream will go straight to one’s TV or mobile device crystal clear as long as the consumer has a powerful enough internet connection to support it. In most cases that is going to be 30 megabits per second, which at this point is a minimal connection speed. 


Since the G-Box Q 2.0 update rolled out we have been getting a lot of emails as to how to update the G-box Q. Unfortunately I can’t answer every email I get no matter how much I appreciate hearing from our supporters (thank you btw). So I did the next best thing. I blanked my own G-Box Q and made a video to show everyone how to do the update starting from the computer to the reset. Check it out bellow. See a written guide here.

Wide world of apps at your fingertips

Android boxes often advertise that they offer all of the apps in the Google Play store and they do. But what if you would like other choices? There are two Android based app stores you can add to your device that unlock some cool possibilities. One is the Aptiode TV app, which is an app from Aptoide crafted for your Television set-top box. The other is the Amazon Underground Store, which is essentially the app store as it would be found on any other mobile device and a great way to add Amazon Instant video to your device. Read further to learn how to add these two apps. See our G-Box Q Alternative App Stores How To Guide.

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Step by step instruction for latest update

The G-Box Q Lollypop update is finally here. Matricom promises OTA updates for all users. But if you are like me who for some reason could not update via OTA, you may need to update manually. Thankfully it’s not too difficult if you have the right hardware. Don’t let the number of steps intimidate you. We just like to keep each step as short as possible to avoid confusion. Keep reading to learn How to Manually Install The G-Box Q 2.0 Firmware Update.

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Sling TV may be making a break for the full mainstream. After launching as a pure cable replacement featuring cable channels like ESPN, the History channel, TNT and many more the service has begun to include ABC in its lineup is select markets The markets are New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Houston, Raleigh-Durham and Fresno-Visalia.

This is the strongest development for Sling TV since it’s launch.

Why isn’t my ABC affiliate included in this listing?
It appears that ABC has started this process by allowing networked owned affiliates be the first added. This is much the same pattern that ABC utilized when it rolled out its ABC News App. Surprised to see my local ABC news affiliate WTVD in Raleigh listed I spoke with a rep from the company who filled me in on this. If you compare the cities included in the ABC stream at the time they mirror those included via the ABC News app. In fact there are some missing. This does not appear to have anything to do with prestige as much as it does being the easiest form of entry. At the time the live streaming access is fully based on the viewer’s location. This means that one can not call and ask for the New York City feed of ABC in order to access network programming if they do not live in New York etc.