G-Box Q Firmware Updates

G-Box Q Firmware Updates

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I get a very specific email from readers often. “Hi I am having trouble finding Matricom’s G-Box Q Firmware Updates”. Unfortunately Matricom has made it too difficult to find their firmware updates. In fact the Matricom home page does not offer firmware updates for the G-Box Q. It offers firmware for the much older MX2. Users also have to do updates in stages. For instance you can not upgrade from 1.2 and go directly to 1.4. So this is what I have done for my readers. I explored the Matricom forums, where they do post updates and have provided links to all of the Firmware updates. You can read the details about how to do the updates via the Matricom Forums. Some of the files are zip files others will download directly to your browser. Just keep in mind that if you are going to put them onto an SD card or USB drive, do not open them. Copy them directly from their folders. We hope this list of G-Box Q Firmware Updates is helpful.

If you need more detailed instructions check the Matricom Forums. To be taken directly to the forum for Firmware updates Click Here

If You are prompted for a password type Matricom.

Links to Matricom G-Box Q Firmware Updates

G-Box Q Firmware 1.2.2 Click Here
G-Box Q 1.2.2 Media Center and Updater Click Here
G-Box Q1.2.2 Recovery Image Click Here
G-Box Q Firmware 1.3 Click here
G-Box Q Firmware 1.3.1 Click Here
G-Box Q Firmware Click Here

Download the three files 1.3.13 files, copy them to an SD card, reboot into recovery, and the files will auto install.

G-Box Q Firmware 1.3.13 Click Here
G-Box Q 1.3.13 Recovery Image Click Here
G-Box Q Factory Update Param Click Here (Right click save-as)

G-Box Q Firmware Click Here
G-Box Firmware 1.4 Click Here



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