Should I Get Cinemax On Sling TV?

Should I Get Cinemax On Sling TV?

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Sling TV which was the first Internet-based TV service to offer HBO live without the need for a contract based cable service added Cinemax to its roster Thursday allowing the app-based provider to offer yet another premium movie service. The service which includes both a live feed of the channel, as well as 500 on demand titles, gives cable subscribers one more reason to take a look at other options.  Will it make an impact? Should I Get Cinemax On Sling TV?

Why Add Cinemax
HBO and Cinemax offer very similar content as far as films. One of the major differences is the original programming. HBO has a cadre of original programming that Cinemax does not offer. But if users are looking for blockbuster movie titles without traditional cable adding Cinemax to a Sling TV best of Live TV package may work out quite well. By adding HBO’s sister station to the lineup, Sling presents potential viewers with a premium entertainment package and a lower priced option. HBO costs $15.00 per month while Cinemax is $10.00 per month.

Is it worth is to have both Cinemax and HBO?
Anyone who ever signed up for their own cable package remembers the nugget having 3 months of HBO and Showtime or HBO and Cinemax as a throw in to get you hooked. When you did this did you find yourself with more to watch then you would ever have time for? It’s likely. When two channels offer such similar content the questions you should ask are this. Do I love original films and series? Do I value sports programming and live events? If the answer is yes, then maybe you would enjoy just subscribing to HBO. But if you want all movies all the time and don’t care for the extras Cinemax is the way to go. But it’s not likely that you will find enough time to watch both channels, especially with limited opportunities to use multiple screens to access the service. 

Why adding Cinemax is important for Sling TV
At the moment, Sling Television is the only service outside of a traditional bundle to offer Cinemax in any fashion. Unlike HBO, which has its own standalone app, HBO Now, Cinemax is still tied to the bundle as is Cinemax Go, the mobile application. Another important factor is that Sling TV is not going to require users to add an extra service tier in order to have the right to pay for the service. This means there are over 20 cable channels including ESPN to be had along with Cinemax for $30.00. As services continue to pop up including skinny bundles from major cable providers being nimble will be key for any organization trying to knock the cable companies back. This development could be a step in the right direction.



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