How to Manually Install The G-Box Q 2.0 Firmware Update

How to Manually Install The G-Box Q 2.0 Firmware Update

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Step by step instruction for latest update

The G-Box Q Lollypop update is finally here. Matricom promises OTA updates for all users. But if you are like me who for some reason could not update via OTA, you may need to update manually. Thankfully it’s not too difficult if you have the right hardware. Don’t let the number of steps intimidate you. We just like to keep each step as short as possible to avoid confusion. Keep reading to learn How to Manually Install The G-Box Q 2.0 Firmware Update.

What you will need
1 Full-sized SD card or a full-sized SD card adapter
A computer with an SD card reader

How to do it

1. Download the needed files for the update


2. Insert your SD card into your computer

3. Go to the downloads section of your browser by clicking the three lines in the upper right hand corner

Gbox 5.1 update 1

4. Select the factory Param update and click the option “show in folder”

Gbox 5.1 update 2

5. Select the files Factory Param Update.aml, recovery.img and and copy them

Gbox 5.1 update 4

6. Go to this PC and select your SD card and right-click the SD card

Gbox 5.1 update 5

7. Select Format and wait for it to finish

8. Double Click on the SD card to open it

9. Right click and select paste. This will paste the files to the SD card.

10. Be sure each file on your card is named exactly like this factory_param_update.aml
recovery.img  This is opposed to recovery.img (1) that one number that often gets added to files when they are downloaded will make all the difference in the world when you try to upload the new firmware. It took me a lot of tries before I finally thought of that. You can see that in the image we posted in the instructions.

11. remove the SD card and place it into the SD card slot of the G-Box Q (UPSIDE DOWN)

12. Power on your G -Box Q and navigatge to system settings.

gbox 5.1 Selecting system Settings

13. Choose the option Reboot Recovery.

gbox 5.1 Reboot recovery

14. Let the system take it from here. The Android man will load and the process will begin. It’s best if you just walk away. Make sure the system stays powered on during this or you risk bricking the system.

Gbox 5.1 update  New Firmware loading




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