PBS Building On Streaming Backbone

PBS Building On Streaming Backbone

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All PBS viewers will be able to access family programming digitally

RALEIGH, NC – PBS, which has long been ahead of the curve in streaming directly to consumers will be releasing a multiplatform 24-hour streaming channel and OTA channel featuring children’s programming later this year. The network which has long been a destination place for family friendly programming such as Sesame Street, Sid The Science Kid and other educational shows will be offering the new service through its website, mobile apps and via streaming set-top boxes. PBS has long had a PBS Kids app and website that allowed families to access kids programming on-demand but the new feed will provide a full lean back experience in the same way a normal live TV channel does. This means parents won’t have to swoop in to start another show for their kids every time a segment ends.

Not a new concept
Despite some of the reporting on this development, the idea of a 24-hour kids network via PBS is not a new idea. PBS stations across the country have offered PBS Kids as a 24-7 network for years. Unfortunately access to programming has not been uniform as it has been based on the capabilities of each individual organization. The difference now is that the new linear streaming service and the channel will be available to everyone.

Who this will impact
The new service will have a large positive impact on families that have cut cable, yet live too far away from antennas to pick up a consistent signal for over the air broadcasts. Unlike digital broadcast signals, which can be spotty depending on distance to transmitters, geography and weather a stream will go straight to one’s TV or mobile device crystal clear as long as the consumer has a powerful enough internet connection to support it. In most cases that is going to be 30 megabits per second, which at this point is a minimal connection speed. 



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