What is Rabbit TV?

What is Rabbit TV?

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If you ever pop into discount stores or keep a sharp eye out at the checkout counter of your local grocery store you may well have run across a brightly colored package advertising thousands of free  TV shows and movies. Could it be what it says it is? The product called Rabbit TV is one of the most misunderstood streaming options available in the

Rabbit TV connects users with multiple network websites.
Rabbit TV connects users with multiple network websites.

consumer market. Overall it is a tool that can add a great deal of content to any streamer or cord cutting household. With a new Chromecast friendly Android app and web based portal Rabbit TV is poised to become a very helpful tool for cord cutters and those looking for new streaming options alike.

What it is and what it’s not
Rabbit TV is not a service. People who follow streaming tend to call everything associated with it a service whether it’s Fire TV an antenna. Netflix is a service. It provides movies and TV shows, original productions; Crackle is a service from Sony etc. Cable is a service. Rabbit TV is a tool. It is an aggregator that helps users find what they want to watch by in fact pointing them at multiple services.

Rabbit TV provides users with an easy portal to online content both Free and PPV.
Rabbit TV provides users with an easy portal to online content both Free and PPV.

What can you watch with Rabbit TV?
Its categories include TV, Movies, Live Channels, music, games, kids content, Pay Per View movies and events, Web Series and more.  It is impossible to list what specific things you can watch but essentially, if it is something you can find on an official website it is linked with Rabbit TV. There are even links to live streams.

Where does it get its content?
This is where Rabbit TV shines. The people behind Rabbit TV have put a great deal of time and research into linking content from every relevant legal source of entertainment on the web. Rabbit TV connects with Hulu, CBS, Crackle, Netflix, HBO Go, HBO Now, college sports conferences, Pro Sports conferences, podcasts and multiple on-demand Movie services. On the other hand it does not dive into pirated content so you need not worry about snagging a virus trying to catch the latest episode of The Good Wife. It is one of the top referral portals for legal content available online.

Great For HTPCs
Rabbit TV provides an easy way to find content for those using a computer as their main source of TV entertainment whether hooked up to a television or via a laptop or desktop computer. There has been a regular stream of small but adequately powerful HDMI connected mini Windows PC’s like the MINIX NGC 1 and the lower priced MINIX Neo Z64

Mini Windows PC's like the MINIX NGC1 are becoming more popular.
Mini Windows PC’s like the MINIX NGC1 are becoming more popular.

that can easily sit next to a TV like a typical streaming set-top box. For more on TV connected PC’s see our Streaming Media Player Store.

Googlecast Friendly App
Users are not limited to accessing content only on computers. Rabbit TV has an Android App available via the Google Play Store. Users with Googlecast enabled devices like the Google Chromecast and Android TV platform devices can find content in the app and easily push it to their TV screens.

Time And Money Saver
Rabbit TV users can save time searching for content both by using its cross platform search as well as marking shows as favorites for quick access later. If one can get used to finding content online instead of relying on often expensive cable packages the savings will speak for themselves. Keep in mind though, the tool is not for everybody. Those who find computers difficult to use may not enjoy Rabbit TV very much at all. So use caution when considering it as a gift or stocking stuffer. But if you are looking for a new way to cut through the muck a bit and find content on a daily basis It may very well be worth checking out.


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