Cord Cutting Dramatically Increased in 2015

Cord Cutting Dramatically Increased in 2015

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After early reports indicated a small drop in cable subscribers during 2015 it appears, based on a full report from  Leichtman Research showed possible losses of 385,000 subscribers. While the number hardly matches up with the dire predictions that a number of outlets made after post new years polls indicated that millions were going to look into ending pay TV services. It continues a drip that is slowly eroding the once brick-solid bundled cable model that ruled television delivery through the 80’s, 90’s and majority of the current decade. 

Cord cutting is real but not deadly yet
Cord cutting and cord shaving are beginning to have an obvious effect on the TV industry as more companies have begun to offer skinny bundles that they would have never considered before they began to lose customers on this level. Consumers likely have services like Netflix and even Sling TV to thank for this change in approach. While Sling TV has not been a runaway hit to this point it opened to door to the possibility of major cable channels being available for far less than the average cable bill. While cord cutting dramatically increased in 2015 it will be worth watching to see if the trend continues in 2016 or if it has hit a floor.

See full release from Leichtman Research here



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