Playstation Vue Is Now Competing Directly Against Sling TV

Playstation Vue Is Now Competing Directly Against Sling TV

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Skinny bundles offered Nationwide minus live local TV

After a year of promoting its service as a mainstream cord-cutting option featuring live local network TV, despite only being available in only a handful of US cities, Playstation Vue is now competing directly against Sling TV by offering “slim bundles” nationwide. The three packages, eschew the live network TV option that the company pushed as it tried to differentiate itself from Sling TV. While Sony has never said so it appears that wrangling retransmission rights from multiple channel owners has been unsurprisingly difficult. Since the first reporting on Apple’s “yet to be officially announced) plans to offer live network TV we have been explaining the difficulty in securing the rights to live local TV broadcasts. The trouble is that while programming from the networks, hit shows like Elementary, the voice and so on can be negotiated directly with the networks like CBS and NBC the rights to something like the local news are owned in many cases by individual companies or regional conglomerates. So in order to get the rights to stream every network affiliate in the country Sony or Apple would need to line up hundreds of concurrent deals. This is most certainly why Sony has yet to deliver live local channels nationally.

What does PlayStation Vue offer in the Skinny Bundles?
There are three bundles. Access $29.99 , Core for 34.99 and Elite for $44.99. The Access package is a pretty competitive offering including ESPN and ESPN2, AMC, USA, Cartoon network, MSNBC, CNN Fox News, Fox Sports 1, SyFy and a number of other options. This package matched up well with Sling TV’s best of live TV for $10.00 more. I have seen a number of comments asking for Fox News and Fox sports 1 along with the SyFy channel. By offering all three major cable news networks, four major sports networks and family friendly networks from Disney and Nickelodeon and more Sony is finally beginning to deliver something that does not just look like a standard cable package with standard cable pricing. 

As the price tiers move up the selections increase. For instance, the Elite package includes all of Fox Sport’s regional networks as opposed to only FS1 and FS2. Whether customers will choose to bulk up on selections and pay higher prices is up to them.

See Sony’s packages here


  1. 5 total streams at once vs 1 with sling tv is a very good selling point.

    How many devices can I stream PlayStation™Vue on at once?

    A single PlayStation™Vue account can simultaneously stream PlayStation™Vue on up to one PS4 console and one PS3 console in the same home (Note: at this time, you cannot stream on two PS4 consoles or two PS3 consoles at any given time).

    Additionally, you can use PlayStation™Vue Mobile on iOS devices, or PlayStation™Vue on Fire TV devices for additional simultaneous streams, with up to five total devices supported at once.

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