How To Watch Baseball Online Without A Blackout

How To Watch Baseball Online Without A Blackout

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How to Watch the Dodgers without Time Warner Cable

Can you watch the Dodgers online without Time Warner Cable? Yes. The first pitch of the Major League Baseball season was this weekend but cord cutting fans across the country missed out on seeing their local MLB team play. Why? Because many teams play their games on regional television networks instead of local TV. And despite great online services like MLB.TV  fans can be left in the dark due to blackouts which happen because of agreements between the MLB and local teams/regional networks. This causes a lot of trouble for fans in places like Los Angeles where TWC has the monopoly on the Dodgers through its own Dodgers network. But fans are finding their way around that issue with VPN services. VPN’s allow users to basically disguise their modem’s IP Address in order to make it appear that they are accessing online services from somewhere other than where they live. This means that even users outside of the US could tune into Major League games or access Hulu.  One such service that we are familiar with is IP Vanish . IP Vanish has proven popular with people who use their computers and even Kodi to access baseball games and other content online. By changing a few settings in your router you can actually see pretty much everything you want. This sort of package greatly improves the value of multiple sports packages including NFL Sunday Ticket and more and could prove popular during the Olympics as well when viewers from across the world will want to tune in to see their countrymen play.

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