Watch The NCAA Tournament Final On TBS For Free

Watch The NCAA Tournament Final On TBS For Free

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NCAA Finals Will Serve As The Final Exam For Sling TV and Vue

Tonight will either be the culmination of Sling TV and Playstation Vue’s cord-cutting push or a major black eye for live sports streaming. Sling was hit with problems during the 2015 NCAA Tournament but has since improved their streaming infrastructure. Sony on the other hand, is experimenting with national distribution for the first time after it recently allowed users outside a select few cities access the service as a cable replacement without local channels. The timing was perfect as the NCAA Tournament launched only days later with many of its games played across Turner Sports and Tru TV. But it all comes down to tonight. The game will be playing on TBS. This means that everyone who wants to see it will have to access it via the cable network.

The audience could be very Eastern Will that be a problem?
Major sports leagues seem to take great pains to position prime events at a time when the entire country can tune in without watching at work, but it could backfire this year. The National Championship features UNC and Villanova.  Both are east coast schools from North Carolina and Pensylvania respectively and even worse, Nova is a small private school of fewer than 10,000 students. Will the game even attract heavy viewership from the west coast without a regional team in the fold? If the game is uninteresting it could lose its audience quickly as the east coast viewers decide to rest for work.

How to Sign up for Playstation Vue or Sling TV New users can Watch The NCAA Tournament Final On TBS For Free
Sling TV includes TBS in its Best of Live TV default offering. To get set up click here

PlayStation Vue Includes TBS on its “Core Slim” package. Important note. Users will have to create a Playstation network account before they can sign up for Vue. This will take a bit of time so do not wait until right before the game starts to address this. You can sign up for PlayStation Vue here.

The good news is that both services offer free previews for first-time subscribers. If you have not tried one of the services it is the perfect time to check one of them out.



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