Roku Steps up Their Stick Game

Roku Steps up Their Stick Game

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Quad core is the new black and for Roku Black is the new purple. In an obvious move to differentiate its new quad-core powered streaming stick Roku has cast its newest product in Black instead of its signature color. Both the first MHL powered streaming stick as well as the HDMI streaming stick were purple. Besides the new color the latest streaming stick boasts twice the power of the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

What is the difference between the new Roku Stick and the last one?
The HDMI Roku stick, which was released after the Chromecast began to grab the spotlight from Roku with its low price and portability. The new Streaming Stick is not simply more powerful than its main competitors it matches the power of its top flight sibling in the Roku family the Roku 4. The new Roku Streaming Stick also allows consumers to use the Roku mobile App for IOS and Android on their phone or tablet to listen through wired or wireless headphones. At this time that feature is exclusive to the new Stick. The new stick also ships with the latest Roku OS 7.1, which simplifies searching and Roku feed options for a quicker user experience.

Standard Roku Features Apply
Like other Roku products the Roku stick employs the cross service search, works along with the mobile app, ships with a full remote and the ability to connect to dorm and hotel room wi-fi without the need to use a clunky travel modem. The product is a strong entry to the streaming market which will likely be answered by others.


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