How to Stream the NBA Playoffs

How to Stream the NBA Playoffs

NBA Playoffs Time Means Sling TV and PS Vue Time

If you are a cord cutter you may have noticed that the NBA Playoffs are very much a cable only affair. That can be frustrating for those who would like to watch the NBA more than once a week. But the good news is that thanks to Sling Television and Playstation Vue you don’t have to have a cable contract in order to watch them. read on to learn more options for How to Stream the NBA Playoffs.

The NBA on TNT has been a staple for decades.

Using one of the two web-based live TV services customers can watch the NBA Playoffs for as little as 20 dollars per month. Like cable though, users are somewhat shoehorned into a full bundle of channels. But if you are looking for a way to watch the games that for the most part appear on TNT and ESPN this is a legal relatively easy way to jump into the game.

Which one is cheaper?
Of the two services Sling television with its $20.00 best of live TV introductory bundle is the least expensive. Along with TNT and ESPN along with ABC (For 12 lucky markets) users will also get a number of other popular channels including AMC, TBS, The Disney Channel and a number of other outlined on the Sling Television website.

PlayStation Vue starts at $29.00 with what it calls the Access Slim Bundle. This bundle also includes ESPN, ESPN 2 and TNT along with Fox Sports 1.

Are there any catches
Yes and no. The best thing about either of these services is that users will not have to sign a contract. If you are

ESPN has a number of Playoff games .
ESPN has a number of Playoff games .

reading this story you probably already have a war chest of bad experiences with traditional pay services. So that is out. You can sign up for Sling TV in just a few minutes without dealing with some sort of call center experience of answering a laundry list of questions. You know the ones that help them “figure out” which bloated package is best for you? Sony’s offering is a bit more complicated. Users have to create a PlayStation Account. The process is not exactly intuitive and is a bit cumbersome compared to signing up for most streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and other pay services. This is because the service grew out of a PS3 and PS4 centric world before it began to expand to other platforms. Sony would do well to take that layer of complication out of the equation.

Where can you access the services?
Sling Television is available on a wide variety of platforms including Roku, The Amazon Fire TV, Android TV devices, Xbox One, Channel Master DVR, Android and IOS devices, and a standalone app for Mac and Windows PC’s.

Playstation Vue is available for PS3, PS4, Chromecast (via IOS devices), iPhone, iPad.

Which one should I choose?
If you are trying to get an NBA fix at the moment, Sling TV has a lot more access points than PS Vue. It is less expensive if your priority is ESPN and TNT. Outside of ABC or the NBA network which neither offers your best bet is Sling TV. Obviously, if you only own a PS3 or PS4 your only option is Vue.  If you don’t own a Fire TV or IOS device then you can only go with Sling TV. But if you happen to be in the camp that owns a Fire TV and or IOS device you can decide which one to choose based on Interface, other channel choices and price.



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