Sling TV Lineup To grow With New Viacom Channels

Sling TV Lineup To grow With New Viacom Channels

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Streaming Service will have access to Comedy Central, BET and more

Sling TV will be a beneficiary of a new deal between Dish Network and Viacom. The two companies today agreed on a new deal that would lock down Viacom long term meaning the standoff over the rights to broadcast Comedy Central, Nikolodean, and other networks will not drag through the summer. This is an important step for Viacom which has been dropped from multiple providers over the past two years including Dish Rival Direct TV.

What package will the new channels be on?
It is unknown at the time whether the Viacom channels will be spread across a number of Sling Television add-on packages or whether they will be integrated into the “Best of Live TV” introductory package.

Sling Television growing more diverse
Nothing like a little competition to get things moving at a media company or any enterprise for that matter. For nearly a year Sling TV operated nationwide as the only service to offer a cable like package of streaming based channels while PlayStation Vue languished in near obscurity setting up in 5 cities where it could work out deals with local TV affiliates. Since the company essentially ditched that strategy Sling has in recent weeks picked up the Viacom properties and added the new multi-screen package that includes Fox regional sports networks, FX and more.

Dish betting on both worlds
The most interesting development about this to me is that Dish obviously wants to grow the cord-cutter friendly Sling TV product while still protecting the more legacy styled big bundle options available through Dish. Does dish know that the modern model will be a thing of the past one day as younger generations grow and continue to forgo costly cable packages? Either way, consumers win.

See press release for additional details here


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