Xbox One Adds HBO Now

Xbox One Adds HBO Now

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EnGadget is reporting the Xbox One has picked up HBO Now. The Internet-based service from HBO allows users to sign up for the premium TV service without the need to have an additional pay-TV service in place. This should give the service access to a number of very customers in the 18-35 demographic who live on their game consoles during their free time. With Game of Thrones set to launch again for the season, there is sure to be a number of new activations. The question will be is there going to be a problem with the app on the console?

Why do services always roll out new things when they will be most stressed?
Companies seem to want to strike while the iron is hot but it can easily backfire on them. If there are hundreds of thousands of new HBO Now activations on Sunday evening their server could crash and what should be a story about great ratings for the debut of a popular show could become a story about millions angry Twitter complaints.

Set it up now
If you are an Xbox One owner who is planning to take advantage of this, set it up now. Get registered for the service and make sure you understand how it works ahead of time. This way if you have any burning questions about how the service works you will have them answered long before you are trying to find out just how many monk skulls can be crushed by “The Mountain” per minute.

It does not have a live feature
Keep in mind HBO now is an on-demand service. Episodes of current shows are available nearly right after they air but do not stream alongside of the live airing. HBO Now is not exactly the same thing as having HBO on cable.  This confuses a lot of new users because of the way the majority of websites describe the service.

What is on it?
HBO Now has nearly every major HBO original series available for streaming. It also has nearly every single HBO original movie available. It also has a large selection of past hit movies from its distribution partners as well as HBO sports content. It’s a rather substantial offering that includes all of its current shows as well. It is really more like an HBO version of Hulu than Netflix because of the combination of new content, archived content and on-demand movies.


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