Silver and Gold Chrome Rii mini i8+ overview

Silver and Gold Chrome Rii mini i8+ overview

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Android boxes are very popular with cord cutters, who use the apps to watch more TV than they ever did before. But often they ship with remotes that are unable to support the basic functions needed to utilize the Android operating system on a television. That is why so many companies make airmouses and mini keyboard remotes. One of my favorites in the mini keyboard category are Rii Remotes. They have a number of features that I enjoy including a full keyboard with video playback buttons, a mousepad for navigating the web and android apps as well as directional buttons for apps like Kodi that do not require a mouse at all. On top of that, there are even function buttons F1, F2 etc that can be right handy when you use the mini keyboard with one of the many connected PC boxes on the market. A great touch is that the keyboard is back lit. Who wants to watch a movie with all the lights on right?

We took a look at two recently just because they were shiny. The Silver and the Gold Chrome models. There is no difference in the functionality of the products from others but to be honest we just thought they looked cool. See the video bellow to get a look at them.


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