How To Install The Ares Wizard With New URL

How To Install The Ares Wizard With New URL

The Ares Wizard for Kodi burst on the scene a few months ago and busted its server. The creators were surprised that a program that adds easy access to multiple popular and creative Kodi builds was hugely popular. I’m not sure why because it is a very creative program. Regardless the program is available once again using an all new URL. Here is How To Install The Ares Wizard With New URL

What is the new URL for the Ares Wizard?
How To Add It To Kodi

Start at the settings menu and select File manager.

Ares How to 1


Select add new source on the left hand side menu. Click on the bar that says <None>.

Ares How to 2

In that bar Type in the URL
Name your source in the bar labeled Enter a name for this media source and select OK

Type the url above into the blank space.

Select and Click settings.
Kodi click settings

Select and click Addons

Ares How to 4

Select and click Install from zip file

Ares How to 5

Select Ares and click it

Ares How to 6

Select Allow the program to load onto the system. It can take a minute or so.

Ares How to 7

Back out to the home screen and select programs.

Ares How to 8

Select Ares Wizard

Ares How to 9

Allow program to load. You can back out of the changelog.

Ares How to 10

Click on Ares Wizard

Ares How to 9

The wizard will open and allow you to select a custom build from the menu.

Ares How to 11



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