New Roku Private Channel Selections In Private Channels Store

New Roku Private Channel Selections In Private Channels Store

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A truly unique Roku private channels are difficult to find these days but we keep our eye out for exceptional additions. In fact, while there are hundreds of private channels, some used for in-house needs by businesses, it is a select few that are really ready for primetime. The Streaming Advisor has updated its curated list of private Roku Channels or as some people call them secret Roku channels (even though they are published) with a snazzy new version of Filmon, two IPTV based channels along with some other new favorites including Plex Classic, a channel built to work like the original Plex app for Roku that was replaced by the current more graphic happy version available through the Roku Streaming Channels store today.  The major pull of the “Classic Plex” channel is that it gives users the ability to add Plex channels from Plex’s database directly from the Roku interface instead of requiring users to add them via a computer or Internet-based interface. Users can use both Plex Classic and the current official version of Plex concurrently so they can have their cake and eat it too. Plex Classic is actually one of two Roku Private Channels for Plex userss in our listing, which also features Rareflix.

The new version of Filmon, labeled “unofficial Filmon to differentiate it from the other Filmon app we have listed, has a sharp interface that allows users to among other things, watch live TV utilizing a program guide to see what is playing on a channel before selecting it. It gives Filmon a more linear TV feel while adding a much-needed facelift to the previous Filmon channel which is also still available. This is one of the best designed Roku Private Channels that we have seen in a long time.

MaddyGTV Late Night makes its debut on the listing this week after being featured repeatedly in articles on the Streaming Advisor. The Channel which can also be added via the main public MaddyGTV channel offers a number of independently produced shows and movies described by MGtV execs as late night cable-styled shows. The biggest addition might be XTV, which we have been monitoring for a few months hesitant to add the channel while we tested it to see if it would last more than a month out in the world. XTV adds a number of TV shows and movies to the lineup though I have to wonder what sources they come from. Like the popular Channel PEAR channel before it, XTV also features user submitted IPTV feeds. Most likely the channel won’t last forever. As with other Roku Private Channels, the company sometimes push to get the channel unlisted.

The new listings can be found here or via the Roku Private Channel tab on the main website.


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