XTV For Roku Will It Last? Probably Not

XTV For Roku Will It Last? Probably Not

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XTV For RokuXTV for Roku, a private channel for Roku and unsupported app for Plex is currently available for the popular set-top streaming device. The channel allows users to access user submitted streams of Live TV, continuously running slates of programming, movies and other on-demand content. The channel is currently available on the Streaming Advisor Roku Private Channels store.

Why XTV for Roku probably won’t last

XTV for Roku appears to offer content that could get it targetted by Roku including copyright-protected titles. We didn’t click through many of the options but did notice listings for movies that are likely not meant to be distributed in this way. In the past, Roku has knocked other private channels out for various related issues.

Could XTV For Roku Hurt My Device?
Not likely. Channels do not seem to bother the Roku when installed on the device unless the user just has far too many without the use of an SD card for extra storage. But unlike standard computers which can pick up viruses and such the Roku does not seem to get viruses and malware. Now, on the other hand, you might want to be careful about where you add the channel. We provide a link on the private channels store but I might not spend too much time on random message boards.


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