Seeso Review

Seeso Review

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Last week we took advantage of the chance to sign up for a month-long preview of Seeso, the new streaming comedy option from NBC Universal. We added the new Roku channel and dove in to see what its offerings are like and how well the app works in general. Also, see our Seeso Review video below.

Overall I think it offers a great deal of content for a low price, $3.99. It has a colorful interface that is easy to navigate. All of its content is broken down into logical categories and playlists and there is a large variety of options for comedy fans from older British content right up to the most current episodes of Saturday Night live.

Truncated SNL
One major negative for me about Seeso is that even though this is NBC universal and they should have very little trouble securing the rights to the episodes the shows omit a good chunk of sketches as well as the musical performances. I’m sure in many cases the lack of musical performers does not bother most viewers though it does mean that we can’t relive some of the more memorable moments in the show’s history like the music dubbing problems that have exposed various artists as well as the controversial Sinead O’Conner appearance where she ripped up a picture of Pope John Paul II. This is a reverse of many versions of SNL syndication the included both musical performances in an hour-long format that also included commercials meaning that there was less time for the actual sketch comedy.  So for those looking to see Michael Jordan as the “First Black Harlem Globetrotter, or Alec Baldwin as “The Mimic” I am afraid you are out of luck. I am not familiar enough with some of the other content to be able to say whether the same thing occurs with other sketch-based shows. They better not have taken the “Eradicator” from The Kids in the Hall.

Potential for Growth
There is obvious room for this service to grow. As it secures the rights to more programming and expands on a small collection of original shows and features Seeso will have the potential to become a dynamic offering. With the kind of content it has I feel the app should offer a “live stream”. When I say live I don’t mean filmed live, as much as I mean a curated scheduled stream that would give users a lean back experience.


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