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Subscribers to Sling TV’s Multi stream package now called “Sling Blue” have a whole new group of packages to check out. NBC’s networks will now be part of the Sling TV lineup with some networks joining the basic, Best of Live TV tier, and others being dispersed throughout the rest of Sling TV’s various add on packages. For more information on how this works check out the information below. Keep in mind, when these services talk about local access it is a weird mish mash of cities that have access to live local broadcasts. It all depends on whether the networks own a local affiliate or not.

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BBC America available on Sling TV

Sling TV has added BBC America to both its Single Stream package “Sling Orange” and its multiple stream package “Sling Blue” The network which is home to a number of popular shows from Great Britain is a highly sought after viewing option because of hits like Dr Who and Top Gear. BBC America will be part of the Best of Live TV basic package on both Sling Orange and Blue.

Sling TV has also added BBC News to the world news packages of both Sling Blue and Orange. The BBC world service is renowned for its take on international news and will certainly provide a different take on events than the over politicised options we have in the US.

Whovians should be very happy to see BBC America as they will no longer have to wait for episodes to appear on other services or creep around through the darker regions of the online world trying to find a way to see their favorite time and space traveller in action.

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Sling TV has rebranded its two concurrent services. For those unaware that Sling TV has more than one kind of service (which is more than understandable)  let me explain. Sling TV began launched offering a single device at a time access to a number of cable channels at a cost of $20.00. Over a year later the service launched what they called their multi-stream package that changed the channel lineup dripping for instance the ESPN family of networks in favor of the Fox Family of networks. The new service cost $25.00 and allowed users to access channels on up to three devices at a time. 

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Its not obvious but it can be done

The Shield TV will be the first Android TV device to get the new Tablo app

Want to learn How To Add Plex Channels To The NVIDIA Shield Media Server? The new Plex Media Server on the NVIDIA Shield is wound right into the Plex app. This provides a lot of advantages for NVIDIA Shield users including local media storage and the ability to launch all of their media directly from the set top device without the need to run a separate computer.

One tricky issue though is adding channels. The interface has no channel listing section like some other apps and the plex website. Follow this guide to learn How To Add Plex Channels To The NVIDIA Shield Media Server. Also for more see our video at the bottom of the page.

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The Sling TV Channel for Roku got a major UI update adding new features to the live TV app. The change up brings the channel/app up to date with the recent version of the app for Apple TV. Users can now select favorite shows, organize their favorite channels, access settings without any special commands and browse for movies all from the main interface.  Check out the video for a full demonstration.

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The real problem with cable is not the price, it’s not the customer service. It’s the product itself. What do people get for the high cost of the service? Is it really worth it? In this video we take a good look at a few common cable channels that are found on the bloated bundles that you find on cable. See our video about Why People Cancel Cable.

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With the summer upon us and the most popular scripted TV series on hiatus, it can be hard to find something new to check out. Why not learn a little modern history? This month ESPN released an engaging documentary looking back at the OJ Simpson murder case that captivated 1994 and 1995. If you lived through the nonstop coverage of the trial you may well think that there is little to learn about it. I thought so, but I was wrong. 

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A recent posting from Richard Lawler of Engadget  announced a special edition Kodi case for the Raspberry Pi, a mini sort of do it yourself computer, popular with techies and tinkerers. The device has long been used as a small Kodi media center but the case, built by silicon valley company Flirc, is officially from Kodi. The case is not a full device in any way, just a branded aluminum box meant to house the small hardware that is the Raspberry Pi, but it is the closest thing to an actual “Kodi Box” that the XBMC foundation has ever been associated with. But having an official Kodi case may not be a good move. 

Google Play Store Is The Key

Cancelling HBO Now is a subject that comes up often in our email inbox. Some people think I am somehow connected to the process which is actually almost as funny as it is annoying. People have threatened to sue me if “I” don’t stop charging them for “My” service. I have a feeling most of you reading this story are fully aware that I am not in any way connected with HBO Now.

We have put together a video about how to cancel HBO Now on and Android device. In the video we are using the Mach 10 64 Bit Android box from ARNU Box, but the process is the same regardless of the Android device one owns. Cancelling HBO Now is taken care of via the Google Play store. Check out the video to see the simple method on How to cancel HBO Now on Android.

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More comedy, cute animals and inspirational programming coming

This week at VidCon is a big one  for Xumo. The company which specializes in integrated smart tv apps meant to build an ecosystem around apps that look and feel like linear TV channels, announced its mobile app for IOS and new partnerships that bring some fun new offerings. The mobile app will bring

Xumo has smart tv apps across a number of major brands reaching over 20 million customers.
Xumo has smart tv apps across a number of major brands reaching over 20 million customers.

access to Xumo’s curated list of partners to IOS phones and tablets giving users access to endless content on the go.

“In an era where cable bills have become comically huge, we’re pleased to offer free premium content via mobile in addition to TV,” said Colin Petrie-Norris, CEO of Xumo.

“We live in an on-the-go culture so delivering content to the viewer wherever they are and whenever they want it aligns perfectly with our mission. Xumo’s new mobile app is TV to-go at its finest as it allows the user to access all of their favorite content from their smart phones at any time, personalize and customize their channels and share those channels over social with a responsive touch interface.” 

Along with the new app Xumo is adding tons of new content. Tuesday the company announced a new partnership with Jukin Media. The collaborative effort added The Pet Collective, which provides users with short form videos featuring, you guessed it, videos featuring cute animals, and People Are Awesome  a collection of inspirational videos meant to lift up viewers Xumo. The two brands, which combine for more than 8 million followers and 325 million monthly views online, will each launch on Xumo this week.

Besides videos meant to inspire and make you say “awwwwww” Xumo will also be adding five diverse comedy offerings. For customers looking for a chuckle, Xumo will be rolling out 5 comedy channels Cracked,Funny Or Die, Comedy Dynamics, JASH and Just for Laughs. The new

Xumos apps for IOS will bring the platform to a whole new audience.
Xumos apps for IOS will bring the platform to a whole new audience.

entries amount to hundreds of hours of constantly updated original content.

“Entertainment drives video consumption. And, for individuals always on-the-go—like those at VidCon—it’s even more important,” says Stefan Van Engen, SVP Content Programming & Acquisitions, of Xumo. “To that end, we’re pleased to be announcing a seriously funny new channel lineup full of talented comedy brands that have made it their mission to make people laugh.”

Xumo reaches nearly 20 million devices in the U.S. through its smart TV partnerships with LG, VIZIO, Panasonic and Funai Electric Co., Ltd. who manufactures and sells Sanyo, Magnavox and Philips in North America.