How To Make Any Kodi Box A Lot Better

How To Make Any Kodi Box A Lot Better

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What is the best Box for Kodi on the market? People ask that question often on various message boards, Facebook groups and other forums. Often people will point to a specific box that has been preloaded or “fully loaded” with 3rd party add-ons as the most sought after box on the market. Some companies charge as much as $400.00 for Android-based boxes with not much more than Android 4.4 or 5.1 along with a program that can be added to the box for free in minutes. Why? Because they have been configured with nice artwork and coveted add-ons.

The appeal of preconfigured boxes is the ease of use, especially for new users. But here is the thing that a number of people do not know. It is possible to set up Kodi with a great many options and customize it to your liking without overpaying for a box. This article will provide a few resources that can help you turn any pedestrian Android box or mini PC box into a versatile media center.

The Super Repo

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The Super Repo is a huge collection of programs, configuration wizards, addon’s, programs and even skins that can completely change the look of a system. Once the SuperRepo has been loaded to any Kodi configuration users can pick and choose their favorite add-ons without much more than scrolling to them.

Addon Installer

Addon Installer is the creation of a group of developers that essentially gifted Kodi users with a tool that is essentially an app store for the program. It is available via the SuperRepo in its programs section and will allow users to not only access new add-ons but update them in the future.

The Ares Wizard

The Ares Wizard is a program that allows users to access hundreds of customized builds that included extensive fan art, custom intros and unique setups that could take even a veteran user days to put together by themselves. But with the Ares Wizard users can browse multiple builds, install them, uninstall them and start over without much more effort than it takes to browse through their Netflix account. Learn more about the Ares Wizard here.


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