NVIDIA Shield Pro Can Be Your Next Plex Server

NVIDIA Shield Pro Can Be Your Next Plex Server

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The Shield TV will be the first Android TV device to get the new Tablo app

The NVIDIA Shield will be getting a major firmware update. likely later this month, that will install an exciting new feature to the device. The NVIDIA Shield Pro Can Be Your Next Plex Server. It will be the first Android-powered device to be a standalone Plex Server. This means that as opposed to supporting a Plex app like hundreds of Android devices on the market, the NVIDIA Shield Pro will now operate in the same way as a full Windows or

NVIDIA SHield Pro Includes Plex Server.
NVIDIA Shield Pro Includes Plex Server.

Mac computer does. Users will be able to access all of their media using the NVIDIA Shield pro without the need to run a full server on a separate machine. And more so the NVIDIA Shield Pro will act as the Plex backbone for other devices in the home.

What About My NAS?

The NVIDIA Shield Pro will also support the use of a NAS (Networked Attached Storage).  Shield Pro will also support playing media from an attached hard drive. For the first time this configuration will allow users to add and subtract Plex Channels and all of the other features unique to a PC setup on a non PC. Users can also still use any NAS via the Plex App. That just means you will have more space than you did before.

How is this different than Plex on Roku or Fire TV?
Plex has been a mainstay on a number of devices for some time and has been a very popular option for the Roku.  But the significant thing about Plex on the NVIDIA Shield is that on other devices like the Roku family of products, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Smart TV’s and numerous wireless devices Plex requires a separate computer to be running in order to access media, Plex channels and other features. While users have been able to access information from shared servers online the bulk of other Plex features depended on access to at least one other item. Once the firmware update is out that will no longer be the case. 


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