Thoughts on Tragedy In Orlando

Thoughts on Tragedy In Orlando

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Sometimes I feel like I am affected too much by horrible things that happen in this world and especially my home. After September 11th I found myself at a loss to care about anything around me which was problematic considering that I was in college at the time. All I could think about was young people like myself (at the time) starting their dreams in New York. I thought about people on internships and families on the observation decks. Too many images flooded my mind and all I wanted to do was sit in a daze to the point where people had to pull me out.

I found myself again in that state early this morning reading story after story on Google News, CNN, Fox News and other sources. Those who know me well know that this is often when I get research, writing and video work done. Again all I wanted to do was make sense of something senseless.

We will get back to the work of talking about cord cutting and streaming as the day moves on. There is news to report. While we should all avoid paralysis over the tragedy I hope that you will all keep the murder of the people in Orlando at the front of your mind and not only that learn what happened and how in full so that as we move forward as a country we know what to worry about and what is simply nonsense. Ignore rumors and hate speech that will likely show up on your Facebook feeds and be vigilant in sourcing information that comes across your various feeds. And most importantly think of what you can do to help others. If not in Orlando then those around you. Times like these challenge us to think about what country and community mean. Let’s find our better angels. God bless those who are suffering loss and grief and know that we are with you.


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