Net Neutrality Ruling Could Boost Streaming and Cord Cutting

Net Neutrality Ruling Could Boost Streaming and Cord Cutting

The FCC’s tougher rules on Net Neutrality were held up by a court decision by Washington DC’s Circuit Court. The Net Neutrality ruling stated that the current Net Neutrality laws are allowed within the authority of the FCC and that the FCC did not violate its mandate in making the order. Signalling perhaps that high speed Internet would soon be considered more of a basic utility than a luxury item. The Streaming Advisor is also of the opinion that the Internet is not an entertainment vehicle like digital cable but is instead intricately connected to our daily lives in the modern world in any number of ways. 

Sling TV CEO Roger Lynch appeared happy with the ruling quoted in a story by Multichannel News saying “We are pleased that the FCC’s open internet order has been upheld,” said Lynch. “We have long supported the FCC’s efforts to protect an open internet, which is essential for driving innovation and empowering consumer choice.”

Sling TV was not the only Internet-based video service weighing in on the ruling with raves. Netflix was also happy to see the courts rule in favor of the FCC. saying “Today’s appeals court decision underscores what’s possible when millions of consumers unite to be heard and government officials listen.” See the full statement by Netflix here.

This is not likely the last we have heard of this ruling. It will probably continue to work its way up the court system but a precedent has now been set that could be very good for cord cutters and streaming fans who want to have more choice in their home entertainment options. Of course not all parties are happy with the ruling as many in the ISP community and related industries rail that this ruling will hurt consumers.If you would like to see the other side of the elation check out this story by Fierce Online Media here


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