How Do You Update Tablo

How Do You Update Tablo

The Tablo Is a different take on the DVR.

How do you update Tablo?  You must be asking yourself that question because the company website does not have a firmware update section. Don’t worry we can help.

On a computer or connected device go to this address or click here

You will be brought to a page where you will be prompted to either be prompted to connect the Tablo to your network via W_Fi or by Ethernet, which is just the option that says connect.

From there you will be prompted to update your Tablo to the latest firmware.

Important note
You will likely have to update your firmware multiple times. The Tablo will download whichever is the next firmware in line not the latest firmware. What we mean when we say this is let’s say you have firmware 1.9 and the most current firmware is 3.0. Before you can get firmware 3.0 you have to install firmware 2.0-2.9 or whatever the various updates are before you get 3.0.

How do I know what firmware I have?
Once you have connected to Tablo using this link you can find your firmware build in the settings. It will be listed toward the bottom of the page.

The latest apps may not work without the latest firmware
Got the new Apple TV app for Tablo? I bet it says it can’t find it. Before you waste time on message boards make sure that the Tablo has the latest firmware available.


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