Sling TV Rebrands Its Packages

Sling TV Rebrands Its Packages

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Sling TV has rebranded its two concurrent services. For those unaware that Sling TV has more than one kind of service (which is more than understandable)  let me explain. Sling TV began launched offering a single device at a time access to a number of cable channels at a cost of $20.00. Over a year later the service launched what they called their multi-stream package that changed the channel lineup dripping for instance the ESPN family of networks in favor of the Fox Family of networks. The new service cost $25.00 and allowed users to access channels on up to three devices at a time. 

Now Sling TV has chosen to change how it describes its two services. Its single stream option will now be called Sling “Orange” and its multiple Stream service will now be called Sling “Blue”. The color choices will apparently be based on the basic color scheme of the company’s logo.

The two services diverge in a number of places besides the differences with ESPN and Fox. Instead of writing a confusing mess of story with all of the packages listed we will provide you with a link to see exactly what is offered from one service to the next side by side.

to see a full breakdown of the services side by side click here


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