How To Stream the Republican National Convention With New App

How To Stream the Republican National Convention With New App

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Want learn how to stream the Republican National Convention? You will be able to do so with a new app made just for the event. The App, available for IOS and Android will stream every speaker in what the organizers are calling “gavel to gavel coverage” The app will be great for political junkies who want to see some of the  quirkier moments of the convention that are typically ignored by the national media.

What is the difference between watching the convention on an app and on TV?
First of all as noted above. The app gives users coverage of every speech VS what most network coverage does, which is show the prime-time slot speakers.

Can you use the App on TV?

Users who have an Android-based set-top box can do so. Users could also choose to mirror their IOS devices with an Apple TV. We have not had a chance to do so with AirPlay because there is not coverage to test it with. We will check into this and update as info becomes available.

Where to Download the App

Does the app cost anything?
No the app does not cost anything to use outside of data if you are using it via a plan. If you want to really binge you should utilize Wi-Fi.

Is there an RNC App For Windows Users?
If there is it is well hidden. We searched the Windows store for a corresponding app and did not find one.




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