Why Doesn’t Plex On Shield Have Channels And Other Questions Answered

Why Doesn’t Plex On Shield Have Channels And Other Questions Answered

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Since the NVIDIA Shield upgraded its firmware to include a full Plex server I have been receiving questions that sound something like this. “I have an NVIDIA Shield with a Plex server included. Why can’t I get to the Plex channel store like I do on my PC?” This is a good question and one that I recently had a chance to broach with a representative from Plex on a recent call. Here is what we found out about the Plex app for NVIDIA Shield as well as other Plex news.

Why Doesn’t Plex On Shield Have Channels
Yes you can add channels to the Plex server on the NVIDIA shield but in order to do so, you must access the server from the web application. We discovered that this method worked after the upgrade went live but only now have confirmed that the web-based accessibility is exclusive.

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Can you access the Plugin’s Folder on the Shield
Those that enjoy Plex on a PC know that there are tons of channels to choose from in Plex’s official store but that there are also numerous channels available for users in places like GIT Hub. In order to add something from GitHub to Plex one must be able to access the Plugins folder for the server. At this point, that is not an option on the NVIDIA Sheild. In fact, even when you access the Plex Server via the apps section of the console it lets you know that you can only access Plex through the Plex app.

Does this mean that you can’t get third party channels?
Without access to the root folders of Plex you can not drop the files into place and add third party programs. NVIDIA would have to change the way that users interact with the system in order to allow for that. Even with the use of various file manager systems, which we explored extensively, you will not be able to add third party programs. Will continue to check on methods for this.

The Plex App Has Not Been Updated To Reflect The Change
NVIDIA has had a Plex app since the device debuted. At its launch the app like Plex apps for other devices required a separate server running in order to access local content. Thus the app was designed with this in mind. The way the app operates with the internal Plex Server is identical to how it operates with external ones. Keep you eye on this app as both NVIDIA and Plex will be working to improve the user experience. It would be great to see an app on the Shield that worked in the same fashion as the Plex for Home Theater. Because this is an Android platform all features found on PC versions of Plex might be difficult to recreate on the console.



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