Sling TV Advertising Online Like A Sports App Not a group of...

Sling TV Advertising Online Like A Sports App Not a group of Skinny Bundles

Have you seen an advertisement from Sling TV lately? The skinny bundle’s marketing is understandably geared towards football, tis the season, but it does so in a way that makes the entire offering appear to be a sports app versus a collection of channels that includes sports networks. It also does not highlight the two choices and complexities of the program.

ESPN Or Fox Or Both
Sling TV is not one thing. Its three different content packages with a number of channels that are found across the different groupings and some that are exclusive to specific offerings. A perfect example is the Disney/ESPN family of networks VS the Fox Family of Networks. Sling TV Sling TV offers a package called Sling Blue. Sling Orange. For $20.00 Sling Orange has 28 channels including ESPN and ESPN 2. It also includes ESPN 3 content, which is access to a number of contests that are not featured on ESPN network including major games from outside of a viewers region. In week one it was the place to watch Oklahoma get upset by Houston. There is also a $5.00 sports add-on package that includes ESPN News, The SEC Network, ESPN U, The Pac 12 Network and a few others. For your 25 bucks you will get a lot of sports, but no fox sports. Users can access one stream of Sling TV blue at a time. This means that multiple people in a household can not watch Sling TV content on separate devices at the same time.

How do you get Fox Sports?
This is where the two versions of Sling TV comes into play. Sling TV also has a package called Sling Blue. Sling Blue costs $25 it offers 44 channels and streaming from multiple concurrent devices. The offering has a number of channels that Sling Orange does not but lacks access to the ESPN/Disney content found on Sling Orange. In its place Sling Blue provides Fox sports channels like Fox Sports, Fox Sports 1 (FS1), Fox Sports 2 (FS2) as well as the NFL Network. Sling Blue also has different options in its $5.00 sports addon eschewing the ESPN networks in favor of NFL Redzone and the Golf Channel.

Can’t you get all the sports channels at the same time?
Yes. Sling TV does offer a sort of combined package for $40.00 which does include ESPN, ESPN 2, the three Fox Sports channels the NFL Network and a sports add-on for $10.00 package that includes the rest of the extended ESPN family of channels and NFL Redzone.  This would be most complete sports package but its also $50.00. $50.00 is a far cry from some of the insane $140.00 bills some people pay but no longer resembles the svelt intro packages either. With it you get a very mobile-friendly package with apps across a number of devices but it is then more of a discounted cable service delivered over the Internet then it is a cord cutting semi al-a-carte solution.

Best Value option For College Sports?
Easily Sling Orange with the sports add-on at $25.00 including the Pac 12 Network, multiple ESPN channels and more,  can cover Saturday afternoon quite nicely and lets not forget all of the conference tournaments that will be avaialable come March. It also has the added bonus of Monday Night football and all of the highest rated sports shows.

There is not a perfect value solution for pro sports
This is because the pro leagues are spread across a number of networks. The NBA is on ESPN, TNT and OTA on ABC meaning the best option for NBA fans is Sling Orange. Baseball also has a big presence on ESPN. Fox Sports also prominently features MLB. The NFL is the most all over the map of any major sport. Because the bulk of its programming is on network television. Fox, CBS and NBC are home to most big games with the NFL Network and ESPN grabbing the rest of the contests via MMondayand Thursday Night Football, Sling TV offers users access to network channels via sling Blue but it is a totally uneven experience because whether one has access to the network channels is completely dependant on where you live.  Its complicated but what it comes down to is whether an individual station is owned by a respective network or whether it is owned by a separate company. Network stations are available via Sling Blue and the others are not. You can actually find out what stations you can recieve on Sling TV’s website.


So there you have it. Is SLing TV the ulitimate cord cutter solution for sports fans. It all depends on how you define solution. Can you watch lots of sports on Sling TV yes. But is there some navigation to work out yes.

So you see the conundrum facing those who look into Sling TV for a sports fix.


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